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‘Fuck off’ is really ‘Go and have sex,’ which is not really an insult but a good suggestion. To follow your impulses, ignore what everyone is telling you and just go your own way. As well as running ‘F**k It Retreats’ with his wife Gaia from Italy, he wanders the world using his inspiring ‘F**k It’ words and his powerful ‘F**k It’ Music to help people let go.

It’s changed my life in many ways: I let go more easily, I relax more quickly, I am generally more relaxed, I trust things will work out more, I have more courage and go for things more readily.

“If you have a high libido you have an openness and lust for life.

In fear we retreat and block ourselves off from certain experiences we think might cause us pain.” He spoke about the agony of young love (no, really).

To ‘fuck it’ is to let go and give into the flow of life – to stop worrying and reject what is causing you pain.

The word ‘Fuck’ is truly beautiful because it is slang for having sex. His F**k It books have an anarchist heart and are available in 22 languages across the globe.

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” In John’s book, he explores the antagonistic concepts of fear and love.

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  1. Halim bersama isteri dan anak tunggalnya turut serta membeli nasi ayam Kak Leha.. oleh kerana terlalu ramai orang di sana mereka mengambil keputusan untuk bungkus saja..