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He often says "mada mada dane" to his opponents, which is directly translated as "You still have a ways to go." in the Japanese manga. Tezuka is the captain of the tennis club and a third year student at Seishun Academy.A National-caliber player and vice-captain the year before the series took place, Tezuka is serious about everything – one of his trademark phrases is "Don't let your guard down." Tezuka puts his captaincy of the team and its performance before anything else, including his own pursuits.With Tennis Round you can create your personalized list of tennis friends and put some tennis on your calendar. In the Premium one we match up players of similar skill level and location.

The anime aired across Japan on the anime satellite television network Animax and the terrestrial TV Tokyo network from October 10, 2001 to March 30, 2005, spanning a total of 178 episodes, as well as a theatrical movie.

In April 2006, an original video animation (OVA) continuation of the anime began to be released on DVD.

The beginning of the second OVA series was released on June 22, 2007, roughly 3 months after the end of the first.

Yes, the Basic one is more work, but hey - you save .99 every month.

We have registered over 40,000 tennis players from 6,000 cities.

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Some players prefer to play with the same tennis partner.

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