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The following apps might be a simple way for your child to keep in contact with his/her friends; however, even innocent use of most of these apps can land a child in a situation he/she never intended to be in.

Listed below are some potentially dangerous apps that are popular among young people.

Google it, and you’ll discover that it’s not something anyone should want to be a part of, let alone a young person.

Problem: Kids can also exchange photos, texts and other personal information.

Problem: As one would expect with anything that has video capabilities, explicit material is abundantly available and not hard for children to stumble upon.

There has also been a trend of teens sharing videos of fights at school.

Depending on your sexual values, this might be something you don’t want for your child.

Problem: Due to the anonymity, kids are posting pics of other kids with derogatory text superimposed on the image.

has been associated with nine documented cases of suicide in the U. Others to look for: Hidden Apps, App Lock and Hide It Pro.

Problem: Although identifying someone you are willing to hook-up with doesn’t mean you will actually hook-up with them, it creates a hook-up norm within a peer group.

Unsuspecting girl: ya heehee, how old r u Pedo: 45, is that too old?

Parents and Community Members: We want you to be aware of the following apps and the cons that go along with them.

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