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In the US, it sold out on pre-order and was reprinted before its publication in May.Small wonder then that her publisher Quercus, convinced of the book's crossover appeal, brought out an adult edition this week, an honour previously bestowed on the bestselling likes of JK Rowling and Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games."Social media is a double-edged sword," says O'Neill, herself an enthusiastic user of Twitter. Social media adds to the pressure and then society tells young women that they must look sexy and act sexy but that they can't be sexual beings. I would hope mothers who read my books understand the pressures their daughters are under."Comments such as this help explain why O'Neill's books are read as much by the anxious mothers of teenage girls as by the girls themselves.

It was just incredibly vivid so I got out my notebook and started writing.The idea for her first book came to Louise O'Neill in a cafe in New York on a cold January morning in 2011.Then 26, O'Neill was working at Elle magazine in Manhattan and had recently started to relapse back into the anorexia she first suffered from at the age of 14.Margaret Madden The Gingerbread House is home to 90-year-old Eleanor, a former actress who is now suffering from dementia.Tess has taken on the task of minding her mother-in-law while her regular carer takes a much-...

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