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Although we were both born and bred in North America -- my girlfriend in America and myself in Canada -- we consistently have issues that we need to work around.

"That's what my dad asked when I told him I had found the one. Given the way she handles her spice, I often forget that she's white.

Instead, it had to do with the fact that she didn't have Tamil parents.

In hindsight, it also had to do with the fact that I didn't have white parents.

Also, if I asked a woman to have lunch to discuss a business matter, that would not be a date either (at least not overtly).

Simply: Yes, "dating" always has the love/boyfriend/girlfriend meaning.

It's not because I wasn't serious about her, which she understandably assumed was the case. " Me: "Or Aunty and Uncle." Her: "Why would I call them that?! My girlfriend learned to call my parents Aunty and Uncle without thinking it was insulting. Despite our cultural differences, we've managed to make it work by compromising.I'm biased but I'll even go as far as saying the Canadian version is grammatically superior. On the other hand, since we started talking, time and time again she has foolishly tried to convince me that the "real" Thanksgiving is actually in November.I think she's trying to be funny, but I'm not completely sure. In all seriousness, there were a lot of things that needed explaining when we first started dating, none of which had to do with her not knowing what a loonie was." Me: "My dad's friend's neighbour who knows my mom's third cousin might see it." Her: "So?! "My girlfriend couldn't grasp why this mattered so much.All I could tell her was that for some reason it's important to keep your relationship under wraps until it's "official." When she asked what official meant, I gave her the Tamil community's dictionary definition:"When you've both graduated, started careers, gotten married, bought a house and had kids."She didn't speak to me for the next few days.

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We all wish for a miracle, for someone great to set foot in our lives and change it for the better.

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