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It's not the same attention to detail, and length of time...

I mean everyone was still doing their best, but we essentially shot ten webisodes in something like - for all my stuff -- three days, I think? It was like the Battlestar itself [was coming apart] - you'd be trying to steer the ship and the handle would fly off.

His character Helo in the Battlestar Galactica miniseries was not supposed to return for the regular run of the show.

Audience response to Helo was so strong the producers created an entire subplot for the character in the second series, set on the destroyed homeworld of Caprica.1.

Something insane like that, so the day counts were sixteen pages, and I was like, "What?! " and then we got through [about] a quarter of it, (laughing) I thought, "Oh no, here we go again." So that got extended by two days. During Season 4 we've seen Boomer side with Cavil, going against her entire model. But it's kind of more indirect in Season 4.5, and it's a little bit more clear, I think, in The Plan. The Plan -- I mean the title itself just tells you it's more about the Cylon perspective, and so we went back and we dealt a little bit more with Boomer and some with Cavil.

Is this something that's going to be explored more in the last episodes? And that kind of threw me for a huge loop because there are a lot of scenes that aren't explained, so as actors we fill them in ourselves as best we can.

It was like the kind of quiet, sort of fading into oblivion without much sound at all. It was interesting because I read this article in which Alessandro [Juliani] had said that that was one of his favorite moments, and for me I think it was one of my sadder moments for sure.

It seemed like quite the opposite way to go out on a show. There was an energy there, because we all knew it was the very end and a lot of us were there, and I think having that momentum of going towards the end helped charge the scenes, because the scenes were all so quite heightened and there's a lot of gunfire and chaos.

I was playing these new characters that we hadn't really established for that long and it seemed a very opposite kind of ending.Penikett’s first regular television role was in the Canadian police drama Cold Squad. Premiered in 1998, he joined the show’s final season in 2004, as Corporal Ray Chase. In 2003, Penikett started his involvement with the remake of the hit science fiction series Battlestar Galactica. , her multiple parts on the show and what she's up to nowadays. [So I said], "Why don't we just move it [to] another day, like Friday? Their [response was], "N-n-n-n-no, no, no." That was like the F-word, Friday.Below you can read the transcript of this interview. No one was allowed to say that we could extend it anymore.

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