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The data generated at the event shows how interconnected the people in CEE are, and what tremendous opportunities lie ahead.“CEE is home to extraordinary people, and it is exciting to discover the connections of people within the department, and to the MIT community at large,” says Buehler.

The picture must clearly show the participant's face--no sunglasses, masks, no group pictures.

The interests of postdocs and research scientists were somewhat more traditional, with only 25 percent of their collaboration interest links pointing outside their discipline, reflecting the fact that they are often hired to work in specific areas.

In total, about 40 percent of the department’s collaboration interest links were cross-disciplinary.

Divided in 5 sessions, the debates will be moderateg by 8 team leaders.

Building sustainable cities, understanding the Earth’s oceans and climate, and ensuring access to energy, food, and clean water and air are priority research and educational activities in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), aimed at creating a sustainable future.

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