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We used our extractor to pull down the Adult Work profiles of all the adult service providers in the UK who offer escorting.

We then divided the profiles into two groups: those from London and those from the rest of the UK and compared the ratio against current population statistics for London and the UK.

The Eaves study tried to count all the female prostitutes in London over a 6 month period by telephoning every brothel and escort agency that they could find advertised.

There are two main problems with the ONS using the Eaves study in this way: Eaves only surveyed the sex industry in London and Eaves only surveyed women working in the sex industry. In order to do the work we built an extractor to the website Adult Work.

If male prostitutes are included in the count then the contribution that prostitution makes to the UK economy rises to £8.856bn.

From the 30th of September the UK’s national accounts will attempt to measure illegal transactions to which all parties consent, including the sale of illegal drugs and prostitution.

The fact that the Eaves study only surveyed the sex industry in London is not a problem.

Dataviz built using UPDATE: a follow-up piece with new revised data and calculations is available here. According to the Office of National Statistics the answer is 60,879.

A decade later, former mayor Michael Warren, in a separate case to the earlier trials, was charged with possessing indecent images of children on his computer when his home and office on the Pacific island was raided in 2010.

Charges related to more than 1000 child sex images and videos.

This means that any estimate that the ONS makes of the number of prostitutes in the UK is only an estimate of the number of female prostitutes.

We used the same set of Adult Work profiles to see how much of a difference including men would make to the total number of prostitutes.

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