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Swimwear appears, and those peculiar naked stomach shots both sexes now enjoy.

The aim is to gather ‘likes’ but there’s also a financial incentive.

Should a girl attract enough followers online, she’ll be contacted, say my nieces, by clothing and make-up companies.

They’ll pay her — in cash or goodies — to post pics wearing their gear with a sunny little comment referencing the swag: I love my #Converse. Cash, peer-group kudos, the joy of being followed by thousands (who cares if they’re elderly perverts?

I say it’s hardwired, and that close observers of bonobo behaviour will one day photograph gaggles of females all pushing their lips towards a tasty monkey male.

By now, most of us will have decided who we will (or perhaps will not) be voting for in the upcoming general election on May 7th.

) have pushed a generation of girls (though not my nieces) into a situation where they’re posting, for free, the sorts of semi-naked, come-hither shots a chap would pay for in the 1980s.

This then is what boy teens are presented with: an endless carousel of pouting hotties all lifting their T-shirts up on Instagram — not models but friends, sisters of friends, all available to text.

For generation Snapchat, the progression is different. This means adding some boy you’ve never met to a list of your online ‘friends’ and waiting for him to ‘friend’ you back. The target boy might post a picture of his breakfast, or his stomach. Homework.’ The talking without meeting goes on for months, and it’s insufferable. They’re waiting, in the manner of girls throughout history, to be asked. You have to know a teenage girl and her social media habits to understand just how bewildering the cake-shop phenomenon might be to a boy.

You tap a button indicating that you like it, and wait for him to like a pic of yours in return. It’s like skipping the whole point of being 15 — the dates at Pizza Express, holding hands, the enamel bump of teeth — and going straight to the sexless back-and-forth of old age: ‘Nice day dear? It’s a sad but irreversible evolutionary fact that girls like to be chased, and boys most definitely do not. For a girl these days posting selfies on Instagram is compulsory: to ignore social media is social death.

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