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Americans typically marry within their same educational level, so it’s no wonder dating can be downright awful for women.”To the chagrin of women like me who don’t give a lick about degrees (and even prefer so-called “blue collar” men), the expert concluded, “The long term solution is to get more men to attend college.

This is a labor, economic problem.”When I read this horrible advice, I couldn’t help but think of “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe and his crusade to get people to stop thinking of career success in such a limited way.

The article is written for women because the majority of clients in my practice are female, and a lot of these tips are common complaints of single women.

Instead of implying that women are at fault perhaps you'll see these tips are meant to empower women in the dating pool.

It's not about chasing perfection, or comprimising your standards, but choosing the right Mr. ***** There's a statistic that 90% of women will date a married guy over a single guy.

It's no different from the job seeker market: the longer you're unemployed the less desired you are to employers.

I'm sure with a little due diligence you can Google similar relationship tips for men.

I've suffered severe depression related to this, and I've been to four different therapists to seek help.'s not so much about the type of therapy as how you feel about the process; whether or not you connect to your therapist (sadly, it sounds like you haven't yet); and your motivation to see your situation in a different light and to be open to thinking, feeling and doing things differently than you are now.

You have to build a relationship with this person before you can make demands of his attention.

If I was dating someone and had to cancel due to business or a last minute trip and she gave me grief about it --- good bye and good luck -- my job comes before someone I've just started dating.

Our girlfriends reinforce our beliefs by telling us not to settle or make us feel good by reinforcing whatever standards and deal-breakers we’ve created in our minds.

Recently, wrote, “There are 49 percent more college-educated women in DC, age 24 and younger, than college-educated men.

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If a many wants to "hang out" it usually means he wants more of you in his life.

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