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Metatarsalgia is a term used to describe pain in the balls of the feet.

It usually occurs with a wearing away of the natural fat pads on the bottom of the feet and occurs with callousing from pressure and shearing.

Treatment for hallux rigidus involves devices or shoe modifications that inhibit the need for motion in the big toe joint during gait, and treatment for hallux limitus does the opposite, it facilitates motion in the big toe joint, provided the joint has not yet spontaneously fused as it is in hallux rigidus.

Pain is usually on the inside (medial) side of the knee.

One of the most common causes of heel and/or arch pain, that involves inflammation of the thick band of tissue called the plantar facia which runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes.

A tight Achilles tendon combined with a foot that pronates excessively (arches flatten out on weigh bearing), will precipitate this condition. In these conditions, the big toe will not bend upwards as the foot propels over it.

These are the people who will require some customization of their footwear.

There are a number of common foot ailments that are mechanical at the source and can be addressed by footwear and appliances as opposed to surgery.

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