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Because they are a cold-adapted species, warmer water is generally negative.Warmer temperatures may result in later inshore migration, poor egg quality, earlier hatching, faster growth but lower survival, ultimately leading to fewer shrimp reaching harvestable size.The Section is allowing 10 trawlers and 5 trappers to each fish for 8 weeks. The trawlers may fish once a week with a 1200 lb trip limit.

Maine fishing families supplemented their incomes, diversified their vessels, and provided fresh, nutritious food in the depths of winter.

Yong Chen and his postdoctoral research associate Jie Cao at the University of Maine.

For the first time, management will account for shrimp’s complex life history, the seasonal nature of fishing, and environmental conditions.

Poor years, which have occurred recently, were explained by fishing pressure, declining populations of young shrimp, and high natural mortality.

This agrees with the ASMFC stock status report, which blamed the fishery’s “highly uncertain future” on “increased fishing pressure, coupled with failed recruitment, the lowest abundance indices on record, and unfavorable environmental conditions.” ASMFC counted warming winters as the primary factor in the decline.

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