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The money Tobalina made in this realm would flow back to the Palisades, in the form of cars, drugs and the proceeds of a small Southern California real estate empire.

But when he first began producing X-rated movies in the late ’60s, sex on film was considered by state and municipal laws to be obscene and was punishable as a felony.

By NATE BERG | Contributing Writer PART ONE The modest, single-story 1960s ranch-style home at 14914 Corona Del Mar was, in its time, a fairly standard house in the upper middle-class Huntington neighborhood of Pacific Palisades: Four bedrooms, 3,500 square feet and a backyard with a pool and a tennis court.

This home on Corona del Mar, which has been veiled behind a padlocked chain link fence for nearly 15 years, has a secret—and sordid—past that includes X-rated moviemaking in the Huntington.

magazine's 20 Best of Boston award, the Huntington Theatre Company is Boston’s leading professional theatre company and one of the region's premiere cultural assets.

Under the direction of Artistic Director Peter Du Bois and Managing Director Michael Maso, the Huntington cultivates, celebrates, and champions theatre as an art form, while also supporting the local theatre community through its operation of the Stanford Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts, which the Huntington built in 2004.

These standards began to slowly change with the release of the X-rated film “Deep Throat” in 1972.

Showcased in theaters—adult and non-adult—the film gathered national attention, and at one point was even mentioned on “The Tonight Show.” Perceived by many Americans as a risqué novelty, ticket sales for the film skyrocketed, eventually making anywhere between million and 0 million (depending on the source and accounting) in ticket sales and rental revenue.

A gregarious Latin American with bushy brown hair and an accent from his native Peru, Tobalina had four feature-length X-rated films to his name, and more to come.

Tobalina and his wife even appeared in many of the films, though in non-sexual roles.

Between 19, Tobalina is credited with directing at least 47 sex films under his own name, as well as the pseudonyms Jeremiah Schlotter, Bruce van Buren and, most often, Troy Benny.

Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer As the decades passed and the neighborhood’s property values skyrocketed, many of the surrounding homes saw upgrades—new pools, new wings, modern renovations and mansion-like replacements built from the ground up.

But the home at 14914 Corona Del Mar has added only one new amenity in those years: a padlocked chain link fence around its perimeter covered with a green construction screen.

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