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By contrast, circulating gold coinage is.”What is money?

Well, in a perfect world, it is anything that a buyer and seller is willing to accept as a medium of exchange for a voluntary transaction.

A more marketable good will purchase a larger array of goods than a less marketable good.”“The foregoing fallacy survives today in the notion that the Federal Reserve should use easy monetary policy to lower interest rates to target levels consistent with full employment.

For just as the real bills doctrine calls for expanding the money stock with rises in the needs of trade, so does the interest targeting proposal call for increasing the money supply when the market rate of interest rises above its target level-this monetary expansion continuing until the rate disparity is eliminated.”By now most students of the vague discipline of Economics should be confused. Antal Fekete, his position that real bills exist independent of a central bank, is noted.

The credit card dollars issued by a credit card company are backed by the assets of the credit card company, which in turn consist of the IOU’s of the customers who use the cards.The Hungarian connection is dramatically revived by an unfortunate split in the rank and file of Austrian economists that took place in the 21st century.I have run conferences at the Martineum Academy in Szombathely, Hungary in the Austrian tradition and in the spirit of Carl Menger.The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was based in part on the Real Bills Doctrine, which asserted that the creation of money would automatically be directed to real goods and services if the central bank and banks provided credit only to short-term, self-liquidating loans.The Real Bills Doctrine has been completely discredited since 1945 by most economists.”“A direct implication of the real bills view is that there is no such thing as fiat money.

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All money, whether paper, credit, or otherwise, is backed by the assets of its issuer.

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