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Its maker, Pfizer, recommends parents consult their pediatrician before administering the medication to children under 6 or to any youngsters with breathing problems such as chronic bronchitis.While Benadryl is "very safe" when used as directed, it isn't intended to be used as a sedative and "we don't promote any off-label use," a spokeswoman says.The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't have a position on the matter, and individual pediatricians vary in their views."If you asked 100 pediatricians, you'd get 20 strongly in favor, 60 who didn't think about it much, and 20 strongly opposed," says Richard Gorman, past chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' National Committee on Drugs."Good doctors can disagree about this, just as thoughtful parents can disagree."Children's Benadryl Allergy liquid, with antihistamine as the single active ingredient, is widely regarded as safe for children; because drowsiness is often a side effect, it's a common choice among parents.Avoiding long flights isn't always possible for today's far-flung families who want to stay connected.

I should also point out my cousins situation was about 12 years ago prob wouldn't be done now I can't imagine doing that, unless there was a valid reason.One mother, on a message board attached to the poll, defended her use of Benadryl to calm a frightened toddler, asserting it's "the right thing to do for the child, the other passengers, the flight crew and yes, the parents as well." A critic fired back: "What kind of parent sedates their child?"The controversy seems to arise more from differences in parenting philosophies than safety concerns.Just seen a discussion on this morning about this... They also had prescribed medicine didn't use over the counter drugs. Not saying I agree with it if I was taking my child on a flight but I can understand why ppl do a 10hpur flight with a very active child could be quite a challenge.

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