Scott walker consolidating power

Why would we want to cut funding to a program that so greatly benefits our state?The governor's budget proposal also freezes stewardship purchases for more than ten years.The discussion focused on how the 2015 state budget would affect career and technical education in Wisconsin. Daniel Riemer of Milwaukee, I am circulating legislation for co-sponsorship that would require the State of Wisconsin to accept federal money for Medicaid that Governor Scott Walker has thus far refused.The bill is modeled on Iowa Republican Governor Terry Branstads plan.

The Department of Health Services would establish a premium assistance program under the bill.

The Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program purchases land in Wisconsin for public use.

Much of the Stewardship land is also open for fishing and hunting.

However, workers who opt out of unions do pay a fee because, whether they're a part of the union or not, the union negotiates worker contracts on their behalf.

"Right to Work" takes away the ability of unions to charge that fee.

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