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This is not such a good thing when it comes to their ability to adapt and be flexible for each other, but it is a perfect thing for mutual trust.If they set the clear foundation in the beginning of their relationship, Leo transparent as they are and Scorpio direct and honest, they might trust each other without exception for a very long time.They both need to give up control entirely if they want to find sexual satisfaction with each other.The positive side to this relationship when it comes to trust is in the fixed quality of both signs.

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That is if they both want to be open for this kind of relationship in the first place.

It is a good thing that these two signs can be so well behaved.

These partners can seem as if they’ve crashed into each other with no plan or purpose.

If they are attracted to each other, this could drive them mad, for none of them will be able to realize their desires in a wanted way.

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Although this is not always the case, Leo wants to show the right image to the world, and Scorpio understands karma better than many other signs.

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