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Bareilles will also be releasing a new single, "Gonna Get Over You," in the coming weeks, and will film a video for the track, directed by comedian Jonah Hill, in August."There's a lot on the board right now, but I'm feeling really fulfilled and inspired about where I'm at and I'm hoping I can just stay in that place for a while," Bareilles says.

You smile to their faces, talk shit behind their backs, and in the end, lie to the press about why you left the show."Folds, a fellow judge that season, first clarified, "I thought it was more like sort of a feminism moment for you. If I want that sound and if I think we need to hear more of it, those are the two guys to do it with. When I had the realization, I didn’t have the dream anymore. I say we start and let’s see, which isn’t really what you want your producer to say. I will tell you that both consider me a better piano player. I don’t think that’s true, but I know why they say that. I used to have nightmares and I was on stage and the band showed up. It recurred all the time and they hijacked my life and I couldn’t do my thing. Some of our dissonance is because she was into making lists she wanted to accomplish and I was not into the lists. They enjoy it when it’s finished, but I don’t give them the comfort of telling them where they need to go. And they will hedge their bets and say, “Nice try, but not quite.” It makes them look better, and they don’t have to be specific about it. My goal is to crack the Billboard Top 10 with an album with a concerto on it. Finally, who is the best piano player out of you, Elton John and Billy Joel?Your dresses aren’t glamourous enough and you need to be sexier," Bareilles writes."It brings up a lot of the body issues that you have worked really hard to undo, and you feel manipulated and paralyzed at your own lack of control.

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They worked for six months arranging, orchestrating and recording most of the material at the Grand Victor Sound Studio in Nashville, where Folds resides part-time. I come from the poor South, and if you weren’t married by 22 years old, you were f--ked. I do think that when you make repeated mistakes, it’s usually because you’re just not coming to grips with something. I think the people making that music are pretty smart and they know it. Billy puts his piano more forward and has all these iconic moments, but I think he’s more like me and advertises the moments he can do, but backs out of the ones that he can’t.

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