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"The girls needed psychological and medical care, and in our shelter we provide counseling, legal advice also.

Each girl spent four to five days at home every two weeks, and relatives came to visit them in the shelter." Chanthol says there have been reports that the nine girls who recanted were influenced by an unknown woman who visited them in Siem Reap after the first trial.

Investigation into CWCC The Australian government announced on June 13 it would launch an investigation into whether or not CWCC receives funding from Aus AID.

Chanthol told the Post that Aus AID staff had gone to the CWCC office to obtain a copy of a 1997 funding agreement between the two parties.

Even after more than three years in Siem Reap prison he looks surprisingly well, and younger than his 39 years.

She adds that nobody was detained against their will.

"Ten girls stayed with us, some for six months and some for less than six months," says Chanthol.

Afterwards, Lauwaert's lawyer, Dy Borima, calls the verdict "unjust," and says his client will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Born in Belgium, Lauwaert has been an Australian citizen since he was 21.

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