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by Sailor saturn is on another mission and she is about to fight the evil forces one more time.

in order to do that, she needs a good outfit to match her powers.

Story -addendum to Liner Notes -map of Juuban -full walkthrough (spoiler-free) VI. If an item is in black, it can be used; if it's in gray it can only be used in battle.

You are given the item name and the amount you have of that item; putting the cursor on it will show you a brief description of it above the list.

While I do not condone downloading current games (like for N64), I don't mind so much for SNES, because the sales for those systems are very low right now anyway. The character's accessories are on the left side, all of the ones you've collected are on the right.

-Not all healing items can be used outside of battle. -There is no separate stat for magic - all techniques are based on the Attack stat.

-Practically no items are under 100 yen, so don't think that everything's too expensive. However, accessories do not change status (protection from poison, etc.) besides for the stats listed below the character's portrait. -When Defense is selected in battle, defense goes up by 90-95%, not just half.

Go up to it and press A, then move the cursor down and select Save. We'll start with the Main Menu (pressing X on the main game screen).

To save your game, look for small black "Luna-P" balls (you'll recognize it from Sailor Moon R as Chibi-Usa's communication and magic device). The Main and Options menus have the same controls: Directional Pad Up and Down: Move cursor between options. B: Cancel option (go back a step); also press to exit the menu if nothing has been selected. R: Move one page to the right (in item/tech lists).

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EP: Amount of Energy Points (used for magic) and maximum EP (since EP is always refilled, the current and max EP is always the same, and never more than 12.) LAP: Link Attack Power. (high Attack = high damage) Defense: How well she can defend against enemy attacks (high Defense = low damage taken) Speed: How fast the character is; the faster she is, the sooner in the turn she will act.

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