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They aren't pretty or charming or sexy or scheming. These are just some regular folks trying to live out their very long lives in peace. Donny, how much fun do you have writing the worst possible scenarios set in your surroundings? I'm starting to get a reputation around here, huh? The way Maine, through Stephen King's eyes, is full of terror and hidden things...that's Texas for me. THE WALKING DEAD is about surviving in a world full of monsters, getting by and trying to live in that dangerous world.

It's such a wild place, a place full of dark corners and unexplored landscapes. This book is set in East Texas, which is as different from the sprawling plains of the West, where GOD COUNTRY is set, as night and day. REDNECK is a mirror to that, and it tackles a group of monsters trying to live their lives in a world filled with us.

I set the right mood for the daily work with Carpenter's Lost Themes II, Clutch, Luna Sol, anything from John García, and a lot of other stuff.The word "redneck" is so evocative of a kind of...simple backwood country folk.And that is exactly what you are going to find here. I mean getting bit by a vampire doesn't turn everyone into a sexy, charming Brad Pitt/Angel type, right?But that blood is still there..evil is still in there somewhere. Making the family immortal seemed like an interesting way to go.The idea that we get to jump back in time and actually watch the sins of the past being committed, and then flash to the present and watch as they come back to haunt the people who inflicted them in the first place..idea was very attractive to me. Let's not forget that Dracula was killed (in part) by a Texan!

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If you love GOD COUNTRY, then you will want to jump into REDNECK.

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