Runaway bride dating

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Dear April Masini," I'm supposed to get married this month, and everything's ready -- I bought the dress, booked the venue, hired the band, sent the invitations -- but I'm afraid that I'm getting cold feet.

That way you can start to compromise with understanding and purpose.

With money decisions to be made every day, it's not surprising that couples clash over money, and often.

It became a big production, and you got distracted with all the planning.

But the bottom line is, you don't want to do it.

The bridal shower was great, and the ice sculpture is sweating in the reception area, all over your cold shrimp display. All of a sudden, it's clear that you wanted to get married for sure - but you don't want to marry the guy with the tuxedo, who is practicing his - I do's to the person (you) who said yes and accepted the engagement ring.

You have doubts that you didn't realize at first. The bridal train took off with you clinging to the caboose, pretending to be in the engineer's car.

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If You're Trading Your Manolos For a Pair of Nikes If you can't do it, the best thing to do is to tell your fiance, privately, that you can't go through with the wedding today, and let him make whatever announcements he needs to make, to save face, and feel like he has some control in a very embarrassing situation.

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