Ruby and romeo dating in real life

Ruby tells Sam if he kills her, she can't help Dean.She tells Sam to think of her as the little fallen angel on Sam's shoulder when she tells Sam hes going to have to do things that go against his nature.The full extent of Ruby's motivation to help the Winchesters and become involved with Sam is not revealed until the end of Season 4 when the scope of her manipulation and deceit is revealed.Following Dean's incarceration in Hell, their relationship took a big leap forward as they began to get physically intimate.Before that she and Sam got into an argument about killing two demons (Sam argues it was also two humans as well). She and Sam are even talking about things without Dean knowing.

Sam is confused, Ruby tells Sam it's the powers Azazel gave him and Sam can use them to wipe Lilith off the map. Ruby talks about how Sam doesn't like the idea of being different. Ruby finishes by saying that Sam can save his brother and she can show him how.As Dean's time is almost up and they figure out Lilith has Dean's contract, Sam wants to call Ruby for help. Sam asks Ruby if she knew Lilith had Dean's contract, and she answers yes.Sam asks why she didn't tell him, and she responds that Sam wasn't ready.When it hits midnight, Sam desperately asks Ruby to teach him how to save Dean. This all happens in episode 16, of season 3, No Rest For The Wicked.Ruby saves Sam's life when Sam no longer has the will to live.

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Ruby tells Sam that Yellow Eyes was covering his tracks.

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