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I am willing to bet that when some of the numbers that shouldn’t count are weeded out that the sites are running at a 30-40% success rate. if you r computer dating then you r and the other person are guaranteed to be ugly.other wise you wouldnt spend hours on the computer with some fat old man that you dont know who calls himself brad pitt.When the personal computer became commonplace people were less resistant to electronic matchmaking. You can always link to our content, but if you wish to repurpose this copyrighted text, you must obtain permission.The introduction of the Internet also accelerated the creation of many new dating services with customers numbering in the tens of millions. Greg was born and raised in Iowa and graduated with a degree in Journalism from Drake University. I’ve never heard of the service being used to match up college roommates, although that’s a really good idea.The questionnaire they wrote was both scientific and whimsical and billed as fun to fill out. Being 1966, all the data from the questionnaires were transferred to punch cards.The team then rented a room-sized computer, an Avco 1790, on which they were allowed to work with from 2 am to 4 am. Questionnaire respondents then received a letter saying who they were matched to, with phone numbers.It'll take you to the next stage of your relationship when you can get to know each other better.

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Every year, millions of people use services like e Harmony and hoping to find romance by answering a questionnaire and spending a little cash.

If all goes well, the computer will serve as Cupid and maybe you’ll find happiness with that someone special.

Thanks to publicity in and appearances on a few television shows Operation Match continued to grow. By 1968 Operation Match had solicited more a million respondents and mail was coming from colleges nationwide. Eventually Operation Match (and its parent company Compatibility Research Inc.) were bought up by investors who used the technology to match up college roommates.

The first year the service ended up with 7,800 respondents from Harvard, Vassar, Smith and Mt. Jeff Tarr went on to become the chairman of a New York risk-arbitrage firm and Vaughn Morrill went on to a 31 year career as a science teacher in St. The idea of computer dating was an idea before its time.

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Jeff Tarr and Vaughn Morrill came up with a far-out idea: use a newfangled computer to arrange compatible dates.

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