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While it may happen more often than you might think, it never gets any less awkward. A year later and his new girlfriend was Selena, who he was with on-and-off until 2010. Ryan Phillippe Yep, it seems that there's something a bit incestuous going on within the Twilight cast.

And that's because I feel like a bit older than everybody else, and I feel like part of being a kid is having the mentality that Bella has with Edward, which is I'm willing to sacrifice my family and my life, literally my life for this person, because he's my everything. I look at them as being very metaphorical, and for me, Jacob is the one. He's her friend, he loves her unconditionally, and she doesn't have to sacrifice anything for him.Kristen acts like she can’t be bothered with fame, yet she lives for all the press about her and Rob.Nikki is very vocal about Kris not being appreciative of her success.Since we brought you Kristen Stewart’s dating timeline a few weeks back, it’s only natural for us to also give you a look into Robert Pattinson’s relationship history, too!Yeah, yeah, we all know about the Robsten drama, but what you may not have realized is that Robe actually “dated” more celebs than you think!

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Basically its ten liters per minute of oxygen that you would ever get in the atmosphere so it’s pressure cooking oxygen into your largest organ. “I put Nikki in it on our second date and all I’m saying is 10 months to the day we were married.

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