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From the time we came together 17 years ago, we were full partners.With Richard that meant no boundaries between our personal and public lives.Had I not already been in love, I would have fallen then. The first night of the peace conference he seated me between the two bitter foes, Milosevic and Izbegovic. Thrilled to play my small part for Richard and for history, I succeeded and by evening’s end they were calling each other Slobodan and Aliyah. N., too, we were full partners, traveling to 11 African countries—a trip which opened both our eyes to the full ravages of AIDS.

His breathtaking, Balanchine-like performance—corralling, cajoling, outmaneuvering and finally breaking the murderous will of some of Europe’s toughest autocrats—was something to behold.Richard always made me feel that whatever I was working on—a book, a mission for the Committee to Protect Journalists or Human Rights Watch—was as important as whatever he was working on. In recent days I have had thousands of letters from people whose lives he touched, whose problems he tried to solve. Instead, he taught me the most valuable lessons: those who hold grudges are diminished by them.From Cyprus, to Tibet—and the better known places in between—I have heard from people he helped in some way through small, private acts of kindness that did not make headlines. Richard taught me that elegance is not about dressing well—Lord knows it was a rare day when Richard’s socks matched—elegance was about the spirit and the mind.We gave each other great courage—knowing the other was always there.Not a single day passed—wherever he was—without a phone call.

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“One evening, I walked in and found Papa watching the news, tears streaming down his face.

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