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Q How long will it be after sending in the forms for me to receive my licence? Q Can I elect to change, during the course, from the NPPL SSEA course to an EASA LAPL(A) or EASA PPL(A) course?A Following discussion with other Member States, CAA have confirmed that it is not possible to change course to an EASA LAPL or PPL and obtain credit for training from an incomplete NPPL course. A Yes, you can convert directly to a EASA LAPL(A) by submitting an application to the UK CAA.In order to convert to a PPL further training is required.

A Ratings that have not been revalidated before their expiry date cannot be revalidated after it.Full details for keeping a Class Rating valid are in CAP 804 and also in Schedule 7, Part C of CAP393: Air Navigation: The Order and Regulations As from 30 June 2009, all Class Ratings on NPPLs have a 24 month validity period.In this period, a total of at least 12 hours flight time, including 8 hours as PIC must be completed in order to revalidate by experience. Holder of a licence with one class rating (SSEA or SLMG or Microlight): Complete on the class of aeroplanes held: (a) within the period of validity of the rating have flown as pilot: • at least 12 hours flight time including 8 hours PIC. • at least 1 hour of flight training with an instructor.A This box must be completed by the CFI at the flying club or organisation where you undertook the training.This allows your details to be independently verified by an authority known to the UK CAA.

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A The course consists of a minimum of 32 hours plus tests. A At any flying club which is a UK CAA Registered Facility or Approved Training Organisation.

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