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" one asks, when he sees the proposed black star), and the show's creator (Craig Bierko) just as nutty.Grousing about a deficiency of bikini action around the pool, he says, "It's too much talking.Army Ranger Captain Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) returns home after he and his team take down a terrorist leader.

What happens when a dating show is purposely comedic?

From Rachel's personal and emotional struggles to cocaine-fueled parties, the producers serve up a cocktail of amorality and excess, with almost nobody unstained by the brew.

Still, the writing is consistently sharp, and the performances first-rate. Robot," the show provided a welcome infusion of quality drama last summer, demonstrating that award-worthy shows can come from networks not regularly associated with that level of ambition.

"Un REAL" begins its second season June 6 on Lifetime.

Superlatives The show includes all the familiar elements -- a lavish mansion, sex, fights, backstabbing and more sex -- but it's the point of view twist that's a real game-changer.

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There are usually a few non-white women competing for the “Bachelor’s” affections, but the dating genre has been largely whitewashed on broadcast TV.

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