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“No matter what it is a good way to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people, even if the relationships are not successful.” According to a 2009 analysis, black women, on Ok a dating website that does not charge a subscription fee; get the “cold shoulder” from everyone, including their black male counterparts.The cold shoulder comment was based upon the fact that black women receive the fewest replies on the site, even though they are the most likely to reply.

“When the constraints of segregation are lifted by technology, what do people do?There are niche sites that accommodate the entire spectrum of romantic interests including sites like, Afro Romance.com, which is specifically geared toward interracial dating.Rob Thompson an entrepreneur from Australia says that he started the Afro because it was difficult to tell who was truly interested in interracial relationships on conventional sites. Berkeley research indicates that although black women were much more likely than their white counterparts to contact someone of another race, they still primarily sought to contact black men.Ron Worthy, a spokesperson for Blackpeoplemeet.com, a subsidiary of Match.com, says that this illustrates the importance and increasing popularity of niche dating sites that cater to specific races or religious affiliations.“What you find is that people want to be in an environment where, not only are they going to find someone that they are looking for, but the person that they are looking for is looking for them too,” said Worthy.

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Aja Worthy-Davis, 26, says that she is not surprised by that statistic.

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