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Hollywood News.com: Although they played a couple in the hit comedy ‘Wedding Crashers,’ Rachel Mc Adams and Owen Wilson have always just been friends, but now things may be heating up on the set of their next film Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris.’ While the two stars haven’t said anything about a possible relationship together, rumors on the set are that they “are an item off screen,” reports Hollyscoop.

Those involved in the filming have allegedly noticed how “flirtatious” they are with each other.

In any case, if Rachel Mc Adams or her potential sisters in time travel do return to movies about time travel, let’s hope she/they are calling the quantum shots!

Whenever a new movie starts shooting, there are always rumors that the romantic leads are hooking up behind-the-scenes.

Prior to falling in love with Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown, Mary Steenburgen was the love interest of a time-traveling H. Wells in Nicholas Meyer’s We could view this move by Bana as some kind of solidarity with Rachel Mc Adams, to also be, briefly, typecast as a time traveler.

Since her romance with Notebook co-star Ryan Gosling, Ms Mc Adams has been linked to a string of eligable Hollywood batchelors, including Midnight In Paris love interest Owen Wilson.

It would be fun if it’s Rachel Mc Adams, because then she could date two Sherlock Holmeses.

But both Ellen Page and Emily Blunt be written and directed by Nicholas Meyer, but lets get real, it will probably be Orci and Kurtzman.

Has Ellen Page ever played the girlfriend of a time traveler? In Woody Allen’s , she is involved with Jesse Eisenberg, who is being sort of stalked by a time-traveling future version of himself played by Alec Baldwin.

Either way, despite being close to time travel, Ellen Page is, like Rachel Mc Adams, being denied it constantly. ) if you think about it too long, which, in the interests of tea-leaf reading the future of big cinema time travelers, I have.

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