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There’s a piece I remember seeing in a book when I was considering a degree in Celtic history, called The Dying Gaul.

I spent six months in Rome filming Titus with Anthony Hopkins and wandered alone into this art gallery, turned a corner and there it was, the original.

Rotten @Grae Drake In 6th grade, when Rotten Tomatoes Senior Editor Grae was arranging movie outings for all her friends, she picked the movie.

Through the years studying film at the University of Texas at Austin, being honored by Sundance and the Director’s Guild of America, and working as a filmmaker in Los Angeles, she realized how terrible she was at keeping her opinions to herself.

This year, the beloved characters created by Charles M.I considered getting a tattoo of their logo but in the end I chickened out and just Tipp-Exed it on my boots.I went to see them in Brixton and my mother insisted on picking me up in the car afterwards, which was mortifying: all these punks coming out of the Academy and my mum waving at me.Schulz had the ability to take the most ordinary circumstances of everyday life and turn them into poignant observations as told through voices of a group of kids (and a beagle).Although he never thought of himself – or the characters he created – as opinion leaders or trendsetters, whether he realized it or not, Mr.

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Schulz will celebrate their 65th anniversary as part of the fabric of our culture.

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