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"Like rushing to close the barn door after most of the horses have escaped, changing the passwords at the time of an announcement of a breach may provide some comfort but precious little protection," Hill said."The initial breach occurred in September 2015, giving the attackers 17 months to operate undetected, more than enough time to find and exfiltrate enough data to profit greatly from their efforts." Hill added that at this point its not even clear that the breaches were detected rather than the attacker milked the stolen information for what it was worth and rendered the rest useless.

An unidentified hacker reportedly breached the XBOX 360 and Play Station Portable ISO forums compromising 2.5 million gamer accounts.

With all of the breaches that have plagued the gaming platforms, Sander said, if the Xbox and PSP crew haven't learned that they can't use the same email and password on every service by now, then likely it's game over for their personal data.

“As breach after breach has shown that using the same username and password for multiple sites is a bad idea, you would have to imagine this group would have gotten that message by now,” Sander said.

The breaches occurred approximately around September 2015 and compromised email addresses, account passwords and IP addresses, according to independent researcher Troy Hunt.

Gamers who use the accounts are advised to reset the passwords for all of their gaming accounts.

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