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And so the perfect example of a sought-after event is an invite only one, at a private member’s club.

It’s the kind of thing I, and most of my friends, would want to do regardless of whether we’re, and knowing that, elite invitation-only dating club Inner Circle arranged three consecutive nights at private member’s club L’Escargot, in Soho this week.

Finding a way to meet like-minded people and decide if we want to invest time going deeper with them…I love the idea so much,” she said.

Hillary Frank, host and creator of the Longest Shortest Time podcast, says some of the things she’s heard time and again from listeners are that it’s hard to find friends, and that what moms want most from each other is support.

Hieatt says Moms Matched events are held in a similar manner, allowing each mom a chance to write down the moms she felt she most connected with, and e-mailing participants a list of their mommy matches the following day.

“The moms will be seated at tables and given 4 to 5 minutes to talk to each partner before moving on to the next.I will give them suggestions of what to ask each other a couple of times during the event—'What’s the craziest thing you’ve done due to sleep deprivation?'—for example, but we also want to give them a chance to ask whatever they want,” said Frank.At her first event a few months ago, Hieatt met another local mom, Brandy Griffin.The two have since joined forces to hold fun, local events for moms who are looking for connection.

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