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At night the prisoners were kept in a pit and during the day they worked, with their legs in chains, they removed bodies from the pits, arranged them in piles and burnt them.

Itzak recalls his arrival at Ponar, his family, the gruesome work the prisoners were forced to carry out and their planned escape, digging a tunnel in the pit where they slept.At night they dug a 35 meter long tunnel under the fence to a minefield.On the night of the 15th of April 1944, following three months of digging, they filed off their chains and forty of them fled through the tunnel.Watch latest "Punarvivaah" Episodes on In the November 21 Episode of Punar-Vivaah, Raj is shocked to see Sheila dressed as a bride.Later he discovers that she is waiting for Rohan and they have a plan to get married. Sheila says that she is doing all this to prove Sarita innocent.

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In order to complete burning the bodies in Ponary, the Germans brought 70 people from Kailis, who were then murdered before the German retreat from Vilna.

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