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The most visible difference between the sexes is muscle mass, whereby a modern woman is only 60% as strong as a man, since stronger men were more likely to ensure individual and group survival.Selection did not stop at the neck, meaning that our brains have accumulated differences in behavior, psychology, and how we respond to various environmental stimuli.If survival is hard, and her basic food and shelter needs are difficult to attain, she will latch onto a provider male at an early age that aids in her survival.If survival is easy, and she already has her food and shelter needs met, she will then pursue more base hedonistic instincts while leisurely shopping around for the most high status male she can obtain.

In modern Western societies, a man who doesn’t at least subconsciously understand game concepts is unlikely to have sex at all.

“Game” is a collection of socially-based tactics and reproducible behaviors that increase a man’s sexual attractiveness to women and therefore his access to reproduction.

It can range from a trivial aid like an opening line that starts a conversation with a woman in an interesting manner to a physical move that escalates intimacy in the bedroom in a way that is most likely to lead to sex.

Pushing for it is detrimental to both sexes because it minimizes their innate strengths and maximizes their weaknesses, decreasing their overall chances of reproduction, survival, and even happiness, especially in an environment that is constrained with resources.

Forcing men to cooperate, share, and nurture like a woman is as unusual as training a house cat to bark like a dog.

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Neomasculinity combines traditional beliefs, masculinity, and animal biology into one ideological system.

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