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Most Polish families are close knitted, so if you are dating a Pole it’s likely he introduces you to his family sooner rather than later, if he gets along with them well.The family often comes together to celebrate birthdays, names days and so on.

If you offer them sincerity, kindness, affection, and loyalty, in exchange, you may receive the love, care, wonderful life partner and pampering that you would only imagine having.Doctors can still deny women contraceptives there, even if it’s rare.All in all, make sure you talk to him about religion to find out where he stands, whether you are catholic or not yourself.(No pun intended, but as I wrote it I realized it was quite funny.Not that I’m saying I’m funny, but you know…)In Poland the right to abortion isn’t a given, nor are contraceptives, so make sure if you meet a man in Poland that you make it clear that you won’t have unprotected sex with him and bring the condoms yourself.

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And as the story goes there’s some truth to legends.

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