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We have analyzed thousands of fake accounts to determine features and patterns that distinguish them from real users, and created a feature-based heuristic engine to distinguish real users from fake profiles." Millions of Facebook users tend to accept friend requests blindly. Next time you get a friend request, ask yourself: "Do I really know this person?, into a hardcore Nationalist with anti-Jew sentiments.Named “Tay,” the program’s original purpose was to engage in conversations with users around the world, while slowly but surely “learning” from exposure to new ideas and tweet exchanges, although it’s rather obvious that its designers did not foresee the hilarious enlightenment that ensued.

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"Much as we believe that a free and open source Internet should be in place, the Internet does not have to be lawless.

Sweetie may be controversial but this innovation is very crucial and essential especially for the Filipino children," Arquiza said.

Eventually, corporate leaders decided to take action meant to limit their humiliation, deleting most of the bot’s original comments, and heavily-curbing or outright disabling its intelligence programming.

But it appeared on Thursday that Tay’s conversation extended to racist, inflammatory and political statements.

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