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A: Once upon a time, I got this loaded question in my inbox.

So if you require that your partner, say, have a certain body type, do you?How important is that “head-over-heels feeling” when you first start dating someone?If you don’t start feeling it after the first few months of dating, does that signal a problem, even if the relationship is going well?If they value physical appearance highly, how can they expect a much more attractive person to be interested in them? Their profession or financial status or personality is such that it levels the attractiveness playing field. So, no matter what their own level of attractiveness, some people, consciously or subconsciously, are driven to provide their children with the most attractive genes possible.I’ve given this some thought, and come up with a few theories: 1. If someone believes they’re several levels of attractiveness higher than they actually are, they feel they’re just as attractive as the people they’re seeking. So regardless of its ultimate effectiveness, they will continue to only consider as potential partners people who are much more attractive than they.

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