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Most of the girls in the photos have still been unidentified.

The pictures were found back in the 70′s in a storage locker that Rodney Alcala rented in seattle.

Mills said he had an almost immediate aversion to Alcala. He was a standout creepy guy in my life." Mills said he still has a difficult time discussing Alcala.

In that case, Alcala approached a 12-year-old at the beach in Huntington Beach and asked her to pose for pictures, after which she rode off on her bicycle toward a dance class, the district attorney said. "The defendant kidnapped and murdered Samsoe and dumped her body near Sierra Madre in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains," the district attorney's Web site said.

Anyone with information regarding the identities of the women and children in the photographs found in Alcala's storage locker is asked to contact Huntington Beach Police at 714-375-5066 or the Orange County District Attorney's Office at 714-347-8492.

Police Release 125 photos taken by the “dating game killer” Rodeney Alcala.

"The defendant used a large rock to smash in the victim's face, causing blunt force trauma, and strangled her to death by tying her belt and pant leg around her neck.

He then left the victim's body in a mountainous area in the foothills near Hollywood." The body was discovered soon after, and biological evidence was collected, but DNA technology was not yet available to find her killer.

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Alcala was convicted for Samsoe's murder in 1980 and sentenced to receive the death penalty, but the conviction was overturned by the California Supreme Court.

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  1. But I'm pretty sure not every woman in a pink hat or a pink jersey is weak, stupid, or feigning interest to appeal to dudes, any more than a pink gun is somehow less likely to strike a target (or kill something, for that matter). Is it really about trying to keep the fandom some definition of "authentic" and "pure," or is it more about fearing that sports (or geek) culture that openly includes women will somehow be blighted by it, because girls are icky? Dudes, why not be pleased that more people are discovering and enjoying the thing you love so much?