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Makes me wish I had someone that would love me like that.. Such an amazing song Starstrukk This song can't be in tenth... I can't get the song out of my head that's how good it is. Katy perry rules this is her best song in the world Definitely one of my favourites BUT I'm pretty sure that this was a 3OH! So technically not an official Katy Perry song but who cares? It deserves to stay in top 3, I will never get bored of listening to starstrukk, hat's off to Perry, great work. I love to listen this song 'cause it's all amazing.. I also love Hummingbird Heartbeat but I only get to choose one so I just picked this. It has an amazing lyrics and it is definitely one of her best songs!We had no intention of being just another Cover Band.Our goal was to give more in every aspect of our show.

After a few years of performing covers, in 2000, it was time to switch over to a Cover Band permanently.The next Michael Jackson in female form is here Just awesome music Teenage Dream Teenage Dream is the best! Seriously Teenage Dream is one of those songs you can't ever get tired of! I love this song the most, her vocal is perfect the video is so katy and that is maybe one of the best song about teenager. She put tons of effort into this song and I love it This song is like one of the best song ever. I cannot believe that this song is not in the top ten! The lyrics are so happy yet sad and bring a tear to your eyes.

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