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Olea gives knowledge on Inquisition and witchery , including about the ¨Fornicarius¨ and the ¨Garden of flowers ¨ by Torquemada that the devil and Sabbath are the same and particularly ¨The Malleus Malleficarum¨ that may be the most blood-soaked book in human history : the witches' hammer , it is instructed the clergy on how to locate , torture and kill all freethinking women , during witch-hunt , history tells , fifty thousand are captured , burned alive at the stake .Nevertheless , the prestigious writer Julio Caro Baroja explained the Spanish Inquisition is less interesting and did not pursue witches as happened in France or Germany .A finales del 2010, la web realiza su primer importante cambio de diseño.Agregando, entre otras cosas, noticias relevantes al mundo del cine y las películas.

Jacinto, a retired bullfighter who lives miserably with his nephew Pepote, receives a letter in which he is informed that, according to an old agreement, he must participate in a mock ...After six years in which Pedro Olea dedicated in advertising and documentaries as ¨Guernica¨ , ¨River of Bilbao¨ and TV series as ¨Cuentos Y Leyendas¨ , and others about Basque themes ; and later ¨Un Hombre Llamado Flor De Otoño¨ he goes back to shoot , thanks to subsidy of the Basque government .He is one of the most gripping Spanish directors , being an expert Basque director , producer and screenwriter .Shortly after , a witch hunt begins , villagers are detained to carry out trials against the local witches .Thanks to information given by some villagers result to be judged Gurazi De Ochoa (Silvia Munt) , niece of a burnt witch in France , and an elderly woman , Amunia De Basterrechea (Mary Carrillo).

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