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On July 19, 1770, Dickinson married Mary (Polly) Norris, daughter of Isaac Norris II, former speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly and one of the most powerful Quaker politicians in the colony.Between Dickinson’s inheritance from his father, acquiring the Norris estate through marriage, and Dickinson’s own thriving legal practice, business dealings, and real estate ventures, the Dickinsons were one of the wealthiest families in the region.

The basic tags for wedding designs are: wedding, invitation, love, bride, groom, marriage, celebration, celebrate, party, couple, romantic, bride dress, bridal dress, wedding suit, save the date 7.1.The couple had a total of five children—two sons and three daughters.Only the first and the last survived, Sarah (Sally), born December 10, 1771, and Maria, born November 6, 1783.Background and Personal Life Dickinson was born on November 13, 1732,* to a wealthy Quaker family in Talbot County, Maryland. After education by a tutor, he began his legal training in Philadelphia at the age of 18, reading law with former king’s attorney John Moland.From 1753 to 1757, he attended the Middle Temple at the Inns of Court in London and, upon his return to the colonies, established a practice in Philadelphia.

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