Patience dating relationships

You can also find out how to get tested for the condition.If you’re diagnosed with the condition, work with your doctor to deal with the problems you’re having day to day.''People with ADHD very much intend to do something when they say it. '' Do you feel like you’re always getting blamed for forgetting things, when you know no one actually told you about them?It’s not like some problems where people lie or are deceitful,'' says Steven Safren, Ph D, director of behavioral medicine in the department of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. Consider this: The condition often causes people to forget things they’re told.'' Fights over finances tend to be another problem.A common ADHD symptom is doing things on impulse, and that includes buying things.

He asked if it would be okay if he postponed the workshop to the coming weekend? However, the teacher again announced he wasn't well the next weekend.

And that can lead to major problems in relationships.

If people have been telling you for years that you’re forgetful, it might be time to find out if they’re right. ''I can’t believe you bought that -- you know we can’t afford it!

Patience is required to deal with your differences and your seeming incompatibilities.

We find ourselves losing our patience when we expect a certain level of understanding, intellect, intelligence, maturity from different people we deal with and we do not see it.

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