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no hiking), the accessibility/inaccessibility of her place, sex and sleepovers/getaways can be a different challenge, and so on which can all be tough.

The misguided “I need to be taken care of” stigma has often been a relationship hurdle too.

There are also disability dating sites out there but I’m never sure if they’re for people open minded to dating someone with a disability or for those with disabilities interested in dating others with disabilities. 4) By extension, there are disability fetishists out there that I have to look out for.

Moreover, being considered a “vulnerable adult” I have to be very careful about which new internet connections I meet, can trust, give my personal info to, or take home with me.

In terms of asking girls out in general it’s always been pretty hard for me.

One of the unspoken secrets about guys is how much we fear getting rejected by a girl that we really like. But in my case that rejection cuts deeper on account of the disability, because even when getting turned down may be on the up and up for lack of compatibility reasons (e.g.

And for all I know, those who were actually interested in me held back for fear of being rejected by someone with a disability-another dating issue.

If things do progress there are other miscellaneous issues that can muck things up.

But that can be a mixed bag because facial attraction is so subjective, plus I’m no Brad Pitt.

After that, the hope has been to use my personality to charm them and get some chemistry going.

But if the wheelchair and my looks prevent them from wanting to start a conversation then my personality never comes into play. Over the years a lot of my dating woes have been due to both disability issues and specific sets of circumstances.

attraction, personality, interests, etc.) deep down it’s hard to not feel like the disability wasn’t the major factor.

So it creates a bit of a disincentive to approach or ask women out to avoid that crappy feeling.

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