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The Paleolithic Period ended at different times in different parts of the world, between about 40,000 and 10,000 years ago. From the celebrated 1 994 series "Campos de batalla" (Battlefields), which followed "Campos de fiitbol," to the ambitious "Origen," 2003-2008, the couple's work has consisted of serial landscapes capturing a sense of place that is concrete and physical yet rich in intangible resonances--the location of a battle that took place a thousand years ago, say, or an archaeological site where remains from the - if a caveman wouldn't have eaten it, neither should we); the 5:2 diet (eat normally for five days and 'fast' for two, cutting down your calorie intake to just a quarter of the usual daily amount); and the Dukan diet (four different phases, each concentrating on separate food types).

So-called miracle diets are no way to lose weight; Despite millions of people buying into them every day, experts are warning that celebrity diets and certain'health foods'could be detrimental to health.

Due to scientific dating, this cave is generally thought to date to the Aurignacian period despite this being in stark contrast to knowledge of the development of Ice Age art that has been gained through archaeological methods (Züchner 1995a, 1996, 1999).

However, we are not going to deal with the Chauvet Cave itself but instead discuss which archaeological methods are apt for determination of the age of Palaeolithic rock art.

The dose rate was determined by combining several analytical techniques: gamma spectrometry in the field, high resolution gamma spectrometry in the laboratory or ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry).

(sometimes l.c.) of, designating, or characteristic of the early phase of the Stone Age: usu.The “luminescent” chronometry is thus reset to zero.The OSL then accumulates in response to the ionizing radiation received during the burial period.They show that in the Yamé Valley, the sedimentary deposits preserved and many traces of human occupations were primarily concentrated in OIS 4 and 3 (74-24 ka).Older than this, sediments are often partially eroded or considerably altered, but still contain evidence of human occupation.

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Unless goats were sacrificed, which we preferred to avoid, disasters could occur if this rule was not respected.

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