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A few elite individuals possessed embossed copper plates and conch shells from the Gulf Coast.The powerful towns and hundreds of villages and hamlets declined during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.One of the few changes in technology occurred in the northern half of the state where Black Sand incised ceramics have been identified.Widespread changes in this time period are linked to technological and social changes which also occurred in Illinois and Ohio.

Termed Oneota culture by archaeologists, the new population identified themselves as the Wah-Sha-She and Niutachi. Treaties signed in 18 resulted in the migration of the Osage from Missouri to Kansas, and eventually to Oklahoma. Euro-American and African-American sites date after 1800 and are dated by coins, tombstone inscriptions, or maker marks on bottles.Missouri archaeology time periods start with the Pre-Clovis period and end with the Historic period.The prehistory of Missouri is divided into four broad stages (Paleoindian, Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian), each of which is subdivided into three subperiods (Early, Middle, and Late) of a few thousand to several hundred years of time.Archaeologists always attempt to place their discoveries within a chronological framework to indicate artifact ages.

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