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In the past, before the widespread use of instant pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, caregivers used to perform a routine vaginal examination to help determine if a woman was possibly pregnant.They felt or looked for physical signs that sometimes accompanied pregnancy.Osiander’s sign Usually from about the 8th week of pregnancy, the caregiver may possibly be able to feel the extra blood flow pulsing through the woman’s uterus by placing their fingers inside her vagina, on either side of the woman’s cervix.Softening of the cervix Often from about 10 weeks of pregnancy, the cervix feels softer, more like touching your lips rather than touching the tip of your nose.You may wish to read more in bleeding during middle to late pregnancy.Preventing medical induction Some caregiver use vaginal examinations during the final weeks of pregnancy in the hope of preventing a woman from going overdue or requiring an induction of labour using medications.Induction of labour and the methods that can be used are fully explained in class 4.If your caregiver does perform an internal vaginal examination during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, it is not unusual for the cervix to be thick but slightly dilated from 1 to 3 centimetres.

This is aimed at preventing the woman from going more than 41 to 42 weeks overdue (and in some cases an induction).Near the time of labour (or during pre-labour and early labour), the cervix starts to move towards the front of the baby’s head (being ‘central’ or ‘anterior’) and changes from being firm and closed to softer and more open.The position, softness and openness of the cervix needs to be assessed by the caregiver to make decisions about the best way to perform an induction of labour (if one is being considered), or if an induction is likely to succeed.Part of this can be to slightly alter the vagina’s acidity (or p H), making the woman more prone to annoying fungal infections (such as thrush) or an overgrowth of vaginal bacteria (called ‘Gardnerella’).If you think you have a vaginal infection (or perhaps a sexually transmitted infection) your caregiver will need to look at your genitals and probably do a vaginal examination with a to help make a diagnosis.

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