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Lucky my husband really likes mountains, landscape and small towns." Another woman gave Yukon men some love, saying, "Although dating here can have its limitations, the guys that I have been with here have been really great guys. " One respondent noted that her experience dating transient seasonal workers did not translate into longer-term relationships.In an effort to help Whitehorse singles find one another in a fun, safe and positive environment, Lauren Tuck, owner of Rah Rah Gallery, is hosting a speed-dating event on Valentine's Day (Thursday, Feb. For , approximately a dozen women and men will enjoy decadent snacks by Louise Hardy, funky music and the chance to meet new people.One woman kindly advised, "Find your interest and then meet someone through your passion.Not a one night stand through which you end up falsifying a relationship." "Be involved in activities, open your eyes, smile, be interested in people's lives and it will happen," says Marjolène Gauthier.At the time of the last headcount in 2011, the number of singlemen in Whitehorse was 3,585 compared to a mere 3,135 single women.How do these figures play out in Whitehorse's dating scene? The small group of survey respondents was comprised solely of women (no men I queried responded to the survey) and ranged from gals in long-term common-law relationships to single women and everything in between.A quick look at the Statistics Canada 2012 data reveals men out number women in the Yukon by a margin of 50.8 percent to 49.2.Looking at the data for single folks is a little more revealing.

I have no problem finding that in every client I meet.

Another woman cautions, "In a smaller community it is so important to not let individuals in so quick because you never know who they are or who they know." Then there is the option of "importing" a romantic partner from Outside.

In the words of recently married Gauthier: "I never found someone that would work for me here in the Yukon.

It is so easy nowadays to take a selfie or quickly pose for a friend, but with a set of professional images I’m able to take the time to get to you know you, whilst also being able to use my professional skills to capture you from a variety of flattering angles and use a variety of lovely locations.

It’s also fair to say that the editing process is appreciated by all of us ladies!

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