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However, using technology (email, MSN, text/phone etc) to get to know someone well enough to consider a relationship is something I tend to do.

Especially since I'm not the going out on the town type.

@ Espirit, totally agree that the dating culutre here in NZ is very different to America and I also agree with other comments about meeting someone, hooking up (rather quickly)then all of sudden being a relationship with them.

I haven't really thought about this before, but that could be because I've only been single for around 6 months. I've noticed myself checking for wedding rings before I start getting too involved in conversations with people. And please tell me where in Welly you can meet nice normal single people that would like to 'date'!

At the moment, hardly anyone would bowl up to someone who caught their eye and ask them out as that person would probably look at them like they were some kind of freak, yet life is full of these incidental meetings and we're missing out by feeling like it's not ok to ask out a complete stranger just cause we like the look of them. I've noticed guys don't even want to say the word "date" any more - are they worried it could be taken too seriously?

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