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And as for whether or not porn is bitcoin's "killer app"?

That depends on whether bitcoin can help the market for paying porn-watchers grow in the long-term.

After that initial rush from bitcoin enthusiasts, however, things settled down rather quickly; the outlet's total bitcoin sales for the first two weeks was only 0,000.

"Fast, private and confidential payments." One porn site does not a trend make, but today a second major network of adult sites announced it would begin accepting bitcoin as payment: Naughty America, which runs over 30 sites including My Friend's Hot Mom and My First Sex Teacher (nobody forgets their first).

“I think it will become an industry-wide thing within 45 to 60 days," Naughty America CEO and co-founder Andreas Hronopoulos told Coin Desk Thanks to its relative anonymity, it makes perfect sense to use bitcoin to pay for your secret shame.

While confidentiality or security may have been the biggest barrier to paying for porn five or ten years ago, these days there's just no need to drop cash on it, what with the rise of free You Tube-esque content hosting sites like Pornhub and You Porn.

That's to say nothing of the vast stores of porn that can be illegally downloaded from torrent sites like the Pirate Bay.

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